Street Bikes Suspension

We offer a complete line of suspension services, including repairing, rebuilding, and revalving of shock absorbers, front forks, and steering dampers of all major manufacturers of motorcycle and car suspension. By far the front upper and lower control arms last the longest. Place the new coil spring into the lower control arm seat and frame bucket. Mercury Cougar Shock absorbers and struts absorb the impact on your suspension and help keep the tires firmly planted on the road.

I actually approached this job with some trepidation, having read about people having to pound out the four bolts that hold it in. I did everything here, except I left a floor jack centered on the crossmember while I removed the top nuts. A car's ability to remain level while turning, with traction spread between all four wheels, is dependent on the coil springs distributing weight.

Remove the shock absorber and the sway bar before beginning the disassembly (I forgot -but did remove it after this picture was taken). Axle shafts are removed with an 8mm socket; rotate the axle shaft so that two bolts are removed on the inside at the top.

Remember that there will be a lot of spring pressure on ‘A' arms, so be very, very careful when you remove these bolts and nuts. This is how all of the bushings can be removed once the sleeve is out. They are not vulcanized to the control arm or camber rod ends.

High speed compression is sometimes used as a bottom-out control and some suspension products even have specific compression damping features that control the end stroke for bottom out control as well. The lower control arm pivot shafts should be pressed into their bushings first, and then the assemblies installed into the lower control arms.

Or if you prefer, we've got OTC's "Struttamer" Spring Compressor that's available by itself or with its own portable stand Both versions include an extra "bridge" bracket piece that allows further compression of springs that normally can't be compressed enough to loosen the top retaining nut.

I like to toss the removed wheel under the frame of the vehicle near where I'm working. The tool pushes the ends of the spring upward, compressing it. From there it's easy to remove the lower spring nut. Suspension Disassembly For example, rubber bushings may need to be pressed out, ball joints may need to be pried out of spindles, and coil springs often need to be compressed for removal and installation.

Support rear end of car on jacks placed under rear axle housing so that weight of car will be on rear springs. Next, I removed the tie-rod ends from the steering knuckle. Tearing and unseating problems normally associated with other fixed rubber bushings are eliminated by allowing the arm to rotate freely about the bushings.

The stiffness of the springs affects how the sprung mass responds while the car is being driven. Cutting or heating springs to alter the vehicle's ride height is never recommended, and will create unpredictable, often uncontrollable driving conditions. Springs are sold in matched pairs and include the pressed in bushings if applicable.

In 1951 Buick rear shock absorbers, the cover or gasket, rebound and compression valves, valve nuts and gaskets may be replaced with ordinary hand tools. The spindle rods can be removed completely with the spindle knuckle assembly in the car, but they must be supported. Do not rely on the brake hoses and parking brake cables to hold them in place.

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